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The DOVO product range also includes the articles produced by its subsidiary, MERKUR.

- Shaving equipment
- Shaving brushes
- Razor blades
- Shaving sets

The art of starting the day off right.
Before the day's duties call and things become hectic, it's up to you to prepare. Treat yourself and your body to a little calm and caring. Make your daily shave a relaxing small event and not a burdensome task.
After all, a thorough wet shave in the morning enables you to start off the day refreshed and well-groomed, take confidence in an orderly appearance and still feel well-shaved in the evening.
Merkur offers the right model and appropriate accessories for every (beard) type, thus ensuring the best conditions for an effective wet shave. Regardless of whether you prefer a thorough clean shave or want to give your beard the right contours, when you purchase Merkur products you acquire a piece of highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day.

Here we arranged for you a small selection of MERKUR products:

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Razor 'FUTUR':









Straight cut:  





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38 001





Open tooth comb:

Eyebrow razor:  








Lady Shave:

Shaving brushes:


385 1001




Shaving sets:      













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400 1001

The shaving brush
We offer high-quality brushes of German production in the appropriate MERKUR design with specially selected badger hair trimming.
Whether for individual purchase or for part of a set, the following points should be observed:
- If the new brush smells of moth powder on first being used, this is caused by a harmless preservative which repels bacteria and micro-organisms from the badger hair; this is normally washed out after a few days.
- Never press the brush onto the skin; it is better to stroke the brush sideways like a painter's brush in order to avoid breaking the hairs.
- After use, the brush should be rinsed out, shaken to remove excess water and hung up in a well-ventilated place to dry.

The classic in "Design 2000". The "butterfly" design allows the two-part top to be opened and the MERKUR Super Platinum (or other standard double-edged blade) safely inserted. The fissures in the blade and sides can be individually and continuously adjusted. The blade position preferred can be noted by using the V-I-S-I-O-N scale. The balanced ergonomic design means that this 100% metal shaver (brass, die-cast and non-corrosive steel) can be held close to or far from the blade and moved in or against the direction of hair growth while shaving. The one-off purchase price is justified by the use of commercial blades which, because they have no synthetic elements, can be ecologically disposed of without difficulty.

Many more types, designs and information you will find on the pages of our special catalogue, simply ready to download as PDF file: